Hands-on Leadership

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We provide hands-on leadership using cutting-edge technology to ensure your organizational health, safety, and emergency preparedness goals are accomplished.

Cost-Effective Solutions

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We provide specialized, cost-effective health, safety, and emergency preparedness solutions tailored to your organizational needs.

Customized Programs

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We take the time to understand the unique safety needs of your organization, engineering programs with people, partners, processes, industries and customers in mind.

Why 360 Safety Solutions?

A good, successful safety culture protects your business, personnel and profitability.

Everything we do and all that we believe in as an organization challenges the industry status quo to provide  cost-effective, successful safety management and emergency preparedness solutions that accomplish these goals.

The 360 Safety Solutions three-phase approach was born out of the need to provide high quality, highly customized solutions that are engineered to accommodate  the unique objectives of our clients.  Our team  uses logical, cost-effective strategies to consistently deliver on our organizational mission, providing successful safety and emergency preparedness solutions that protect your business, personnel, and profitability.

The 360 team provides the leadership to create a safety management system that fits your budget and accomplishes your safety objectives.
Let 360 Safety Solutions lead you in being proactive to ensure your readiness should OSHA pay a visit.
360 Safety Solutions can help your organization prepare for the unexpected to minimize impact during emergency scenarios.
360 excels in diagnosing and targeting constraints that are costly in time, medical expense and recovery.
360 Safety Solutions has certified professional trainers who can fulfill all of your safety training needs and requirements.
360 Safety Solutions provides safety education in various formats from basic awareness to ``Train the Trainer``.

Let's create a proactive safety culture in your organization.


See what our clients have to say about us.

``The 360 Safety Solutions team brings to the table a wealth of emergency services experience which they apply to solving your problems and challenges in a professional, efficient, and cost effective manner. Don and the team are thoughtful, insightful and resourceful all of which result in the best solutions for your business situation. I give them my highest recommendation!”

Buck Heidrick - Certified Business Advisor at WSU


``The 360 Safety Team has a superlative work ethic. They are extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of Environmental Health and Safety. I would highly recommend them and would love to work with them again.”

Dee Kennedy - Operations Manager at Unified Grocers Inc.


“360 Safety is extremely professional in all of their endeavors. Their work-ethic, communication skills, patience in difficult situations, attention to detail, and follow-through are impeccable. They are both knowledgeable and knowledge-seeking, and willing to make hard decisions for the benefit of the projects they are involved in. I would highly recommend 360 Safety Solutions as a consultant for any number of project management or business needs.”

Jay Letter - Sustainability Leader


Don has great passion for his work, is a subject expert and most importantly, keeps the needs of his clients first and foremost a priority. Don can be counted on to deliver what is promised

Kathie Bell - Human Resources at Unified Grocers


Some of Our Happy Customers