Does your team understand OSHA expectations, and is your organization prepared for a potential audit?

The first step to establish an effective safety program for your workplace is to become knowledgeable of your requirements as an employer under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

360 Safety Solutions, and our OSHA-certified safety professionals, are ready to assist should your organization encounter an OSHA audit. Regardless of what stage your program is in, the 360 Safety Solutions team can quickly step in to bring the leadership, safety strategies, and education necessary to ensure your company achieves OSHA compliance – and stays that way.  With 360 Safety Solutions providing the guidance, a simple, effective program is developed and executed that achieves these goals.

Utilizing the 360 Safety Solutions approach ensures compliance is accomplished and a safety infrastructure is well established to support continued success in OSHA’s expectations for business. The cultural change that evolves from the implementation of all of the tools in the 360 ‘tool box’ also reinforces continued safety improvement which is the ultimate goal of any safety program.

Did you Know?

  • OSHA enforces workplace safety regulations and sets requirements for over 7 million workplaces.
  • OSHA performed over 37,000 workplace inspections while identifying over 83,000 violations.
  • Civil penalties can range up to $70,000 for each violation, and can reach into the millions of dollars. Criminal penalties can result in prison time.

While not all accidents are preventable, 360 Safety Solutions believes that most can be prevented. Our goal is to help organizations create and maintain safer work environments for all employees. Our mission purpose is to move beyond simply helping to prevent accidents and our services help you develop safe, high-quality work environments that evolve into permanent safety culture change for your business and organization.