Are your company and organization safety management documents ready for an audit?

360 Safety Solutions immediately goes to work to assess your specific safety management needs, then customizes and produces a safety system that works for you.

Your safety management documents are essential, and help to establish safety leadership protocol for your business and organization. These documents also communicate your safety commitment to OSHA.

Each business and organization deserves to have a customized safety management system that is effective and meets their specific needs. The 360 approach starts with a three-phase plan that begins with a safety assessment to identify, determine, and address those areas unique to your business. The safety management structure established with a Safety, Health and Accident Prevention Plan (SHAPP), along with conducting hazard assessments to provide guidance and support that can serve as your reference to address any safety situation that may arise.

After establishing this new system and structure, the 360 team goes to work using technology and certified trainers to deliver the cost-effective, successful training solutions that accomplish your safety goals.

To complete the 360 total safety solutions concept, a maintenance program is developed to carry your safety program into the future with minimal effort and cost.