Why 360 Safety Solutions?

Good, successful safety protects your business, personnel and profitability.

360 Safety Solutions is a limited liability company (LLC) that uses best practices safety management principles provided by high caliber professionals to bring safety solutions to your industry.  Everything we do and all that we believe in as an organization challenges the industry status quo to provide  cost-effective, goal-oriented, successful safety management and emergency preparedness solutions.  Our goal is to help your organization develop a healthy safety culture to create a safe, OSHA-complaint work environment while reducing costs and improving your bottom-line.

360 Safety Solutions shares your goals:360safetysolutions-lrglogo
  • Become OSHA compliant
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce or eliminate accidents and injuries
Choosing 360 Safety Solutions ensures you will have:
  • A customized approach to safety management practices
  • Professionalism delivered consistently
  • An organization that delivers a culture of safety
What makes 360 Safety Solutions different?

We succeed where others fail, and we take the time to understand your unique safety needs.  Our team specifically engineers programs to improve the overall safety of your organization – all designed with your people, partners, processes, industry and customers in mind. While many safety consultants use a cookie-cutter approach to safety, we know that it’s paramount to deliver custom safety solutions that are professional, relevant, repeatable and compliant with all of the required regulatory agencies.

360 Safety Solutions is a safety consulting, education and training firm for your specific business and industry needs. We focus on providing occupational safety expertise, experience and leadership to ensure our clients establish successful safety programs. Using the highest standards of excellence in best practice safety management, we provide customized and affordable safety solutions establishing healthy safety culture to promote a safe working environment that also meets the expectations for OSHA compliance in a wide range of industries.

Did OSHA visit your site or facility?

People are our most valuable assets. Providing a safe environment is simply the right thing to do, and the only alternative in today’s marketplace. Safety can not be thought of as a luxury, it’s a requirement. Plus, a culture of safety is not only more productive, it’s the smartest financial move a company can make. Everyone knows that a quality safety program can save lives, but it also saves money.

Owners know the cost for project insurance can be overwhelming. Compliance with regulatory laws enforced by federal and state public agencies in your world of business is essential to keep your insurance rates low and accident rates at a minimum. 360 Safety Solutions has the experience and ability to provide specific solutions that solve these concerns.

360 Safety Solutions has successfully created, supported and assisted in OSHA regulatory compliance programs for construction companies, industrial manufacturing entities, insurance, and governmental entities to improve worker and company safety, as well as reduce insurance costs.