Emergency Preparedness Part 2: Emergency Plans

By Chuck McDonald
In October 2, 2015

The Importance of Foundation

office-594132_1280Emergency plans are the lifeblood and the foundation of your company. In the very least, every facility should develop and implement an emergency plan for protecting employees, visitors, contractors and anyone else in the facility. Just like any other structure, a house doesn’t need a foundation, but when things go wrong, the foundation comes heavily into play. If it isn’t solid, if the materials used are not strong and if the amount of planning forethought isn’t appropriate, there will be problems when trouble arrives. At a high level, this can be viewed as the purpose of an emergency plan – to create that solid foundation!

Creating an Emergency Plan

Emergency plans are not difficult to conceive, develop, or place into service, but it helps to have a starting point. The most appropriate starting point for organizations of any size to consider is a risk assessment, or audit. 360 Safety Solutions has years of experience performing audits to assess your organization, status and needs. Each member of our qualified staff possess decades of private and public sector business experience in risk management, safety training, and safety program implementation. All organizations are different.  It is important to determine the unique needs of your enterprise, so the emergency plan your team creates needs to be crafted specifically for your organization to deliver the most value. We can help you with crafting a plan that meets your needs, as we have worked with organizations ranging from nonprofits and public agencies, to industries and contractors.

The Emergency Plan Outline

After assisting with the audit exercise, we will help you develop your emergency plan outline, a list of ingredients you will need to create a successful emergency plan to secure your team, physical assets, and beyond. By developing your emergency plan outline after the initial audit, you’ll be properly prepared to move forward with the second phase, implementation. We’ll have more on that in next week’s blog.

Helping You Deliver Safety Confidence

At 360 Safety Solutions, our team of hands-on experts is perfectly equipped to help your organization develop the unique safety plan required to secure your company quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our goal is to help you work safely and succeed! Please revisit our blog next month for more information on Emergency Preparedness.

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