When your client needs safety guidance, do you have an expert you can call?

Clientele who appreciate safety and have an effective safety program in place can expect to pay lower premiums and minimize the risks that impact profitability associated in high exposure industries.

The 360 Team works with insurance company assisting their customers with their health and safety needs approach is the solution to providing a program that insulates from those risks and provides education and training to change the culture.

Insurance companies

We are on-call to address OSHA audits and how to respond to these events effectively.

As the owner of a construction or contracting business, you work hard to protect the business you’ve built. But even the most savvy business owner realizes there are limits to their control. Unpreventable accidents and natural disasters happen each day, even to the most prepared businesses.

Insurance companies contact us when their clients are in need or our services assisting them in the areas of Health and safety which can reduce their risks in certain areas.